Project Energy Policy Challenges for Sustainable Development in Brazil      

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Main challenges of the national energy sector

For increasing oil and gas production

and sustainable energy matrix

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Promoting a strong interaction between international groups

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Project Energy Policy Challenges

For Sustainable Development in Brazil

Main challenges of the national energy sector

Central on Global Energy Policy (CGEP):

The Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) was founded in early 2013 by the former senior energy advisor to the White House, Jason Bordoff. The Center strives to improve the quality of energy policy and energy dialogue through objective, balanced and rigorous analysis that is often absent from the public debate on issues in the area. The Center accomplishes this mission:
  • Addressing the issues related to market policies to finance energy, commodity markets, economics and geopolitics Taking advantage of being located in New York to call and utilize the expertise of the leading professionals in the market and finance

  • Using our exceptionally deep relations with political authorities in the federal government so that the research conducted by the group have relevance to impact the political debate

  • Based on the broad and deep experience of world-class faculty of the University of Columbia

  • By adopting a global perspective to assess the implications of policies, using the network of global centers and global associated specialists Center at Columbia University network

  • Investing in media and communication to ensure that our work has visibility and impact in the real world

  • Leveraging our distinguished group of scholars that include high level leaders of the energy sector, as former Deputy Secretary of Energy, heads of Pemex and Petrobras, and Executive Director of the International Energy Agency

  • Acting as the main forum for public discussion of current energy issues with interlocutors weight, as Mayor Bloomberg; the National Security Adviser, Donilon; Secretary of Energy, Moniz; Dan Yergin, and many, many others
The research agenda of the Center emphasizes an economic approach and market-oriented in key areas of energy policy. In addition to research papers, the Centre also produces educational, shorter briefings policies analyzed to ensure that studies are as accessible as possible, and therefore have an impact in the real world among politicians, the media and the general public.