Project Energy Policy Challenges for Sustainable Development in Brazil      

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Main challenges of the national energy sector

For increasing oil and gas production

and sustainable energy matrix

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Promoting a strong interaction between international groups

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Project Energy Policy Challenges

For Sustainable Development in Brazil

Main challenges of the national energy sector

Workshop “The Changing Global Energy Landscape: Impacts for Brazil”

On 12 November 2014, with the support of IBP, was held in Rio de Janeiro the seminar "The Changing Global Energy Landscape: Impacts for Brazil." The seminar with the participation of two American experts on energy: Robert McNally and Jason Bordoff. Both are founders of the Center on Global Energy Policy, the first of which was energy adviser to President George Bush and the second, current director of the Center, was adviser to President Barack Obama.

The presentation by Robert McNally, "Stability and the international oil market volatility - Past, Present and Future", aimed to identify the determinants of volatility in oil prices and predict the future trend for the market.

The presentation of Jason Bordoff entitled "Evolving Global Natural Gas Market", discussed the world market of Liquefied Natural Gas. The main focus was evaluating the impact of US LNG exports in global natural gas prices.


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